Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Milestones and books to come

A nice little milestone this week: 300,000 total books sold! THANK YOU, dear readers, for reading. You guys rock!

Meanwhile, it's still a baby compared to Requiem, but The Moth Saga (all three books) sold its 10,000th copy today. Thanks so much for trying this new series too! Moth (the first book) is also at 47 Amazon reviews and getting close to the all-important 50 reviews milestone; when we hit 50, we'll have a little party (I'll bring snacks... virtual ones at least). There is a fourth Moth book planned fo
r this summer, and I think the series will keep going to interesting places. Thank you to everyone who's been exploring this new world with me.

In Requiem news, I'm getting close to finishing Requiem's Song, the first book in a new dragon trilogy. I hope to have this one completed in April, so keep an eye open for updates. I'm really excited about us returning to Requiem after a little hiatus. As always, this will be a crazy book full of monsters, epic battles, and of course -- lots of dragons.

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