Thursday, October 15, 2015

Requiem -- five trilogies and counting

Well... that makes five. There are now FIVE completed Requiem trilogies. Fifteen novels in this crazy world where people can become dragons.

Five years ago, on a cold Sunday morning, I stepped into a bookstore in downtown Toronto. I had a notebook, a pen, and an MP3 player with Mozart's Requiem playing. I sat at a little coffeeshop inside the bookstore, listened to the music, and began to write whatever came to mind. That turned into Blood of Requiem, the first novel in the series. I had no idea it would even get ONE sequel, let alone grow into this massive world spanning fifteen books and counting.

Requiem now includes the following trilogies: Dawn of Dragons, Song of Dragons, Dragonlore, The Dragon War, and Requiem for Dragons. So far, you've all downloaded half a million copies of these books. Wow.

Between these trilogies, we got to explore some other worlds together. We spent six novels in Moth, and we spent three novels with the Alien Hunters. But we keep coming back to these old dragon friends.

I'm honored that, five years into this, you're still reading. I really do have the best job--and the best readers--in the world.

Dragons Rising, which was released today, is not the last Requiem novel. This world will continue to grow. l can't wait to see where we'll fly together next.