Thursday, June 28, 2012


Tonight I sold my 100,000th book.

Bloody hell.  You bought 100,000 of these silly books about dragons, swords, and spells.  You're nuts.  You also make me feel quite lucky and humbled.

It's a fun milestone, and a time to be thankful.  Thank you, fellow authors who offered advice and help.  Thank you, editors, beta readers, and cover artists who made these books work.  Most of all, thank you, readers – everyone who bought a sequel, or emailed me, or told a friend, or just quietly enjoyed a book.  Sharing these stories with you has been terrifically exciting, scary, and fun.

And keep your eyes open.  My new trilogy, Dragonlore, is in the works.  There are still dragons, knights, and wizards scratching at the door.