Tuesday, March 12, 2013

So... what's next?

I recently released A Night of Dragon Wings, the third and final Dragonlore novel. This completes the second trilogy set in Requiem, following 2011's Song of Dragons.

Wow. Two Requiem trilogies. Six novels about this troubled kingdom of dragons.

The question now is:  What's next?

The answer:  The Dragon War, a third Requiem trilogy.

This one is about an uprising in Requiem. It's about a terrible, bloody civil war that's tearing the kingdom apart. It's about a cruel tyrant and a scattered, almost hopeless rebellion. Requiem has defeated enemies from across its borders; its never had to fight itself.

The Dragon War is set seven hundred years after the events in Dragonlore. New readers can leap into the saga here. For fans of the older books, this continues Requiem's story.

The first Dragon War novel, A Legacy of Light, will be released this spring. I can't wait for you all to read it.

Thank you everyone who's supported these books!